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Pringles logo



– The funny moustache man Pringles logo is the well-known and loved image behind a brand of snack chips. The chips are not your regular potato chips or crisps, but rather based on a wheat and potato starchy composition and they’re all the same size and shape, being sold in stacks inside their tube-like packages. Speaking of those packages, the most well-known variety is their basic flavor, dubbed “original”, which comes is a red pack. Those red packs are easily recognized everywhere and it would be no exaggeration to claim they’re very much a part of collective popular culture by now, at least in the United States.

– They were originally developed by Procter and Gamble in 1967, but were bought by Kellog in 2012. The take-over had nothing to do with any change in the product’s popularity, but more with strict corporate business, since the brand was in 2012 and continues to be as popular as ever. The yearly sales of the brand amounts to more than U.S. $1.4 billionand the chips are sold in over 145 countries worldwide. A fun trivia fact is that the man who designed the machine that fries the chips is a mechanical engineer named Gene wolfe, who actually famous as an author for sci-fi and fantasy novels.