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Quiz games are a special kind of entertainment in their own right: the rush of guessing the right answers and then again the right answers and so on is something few thrills can compare to. But this is also why the fall is equally impressive when it occurs, nothing can be more frustrating than losing all your progression insofar just because of one particularly pesky level you can’t pass. To help you with this, we’ve comprised a list of all the Logo Quiz Mangoo answers to all levels and we provide you with further details about each brand and company you stumble upon. Whenever in doubt, check back here. But for now, let’s see the Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 53 answers!


Post It logo



– The Post It logo stands for a company so famous, that it has become a staple of everyday speech. Everyone uses these famous little sticky notes of paper, colored in a pale yellow hue, which are endorsed with a re-adherable strip of glue on one of their sides, to make them ready to be posted on anything and still come off without a trace. They come in stacks of little yellow-ish squares and since their appearance in our lives, everyone is able to post a note to documents or files or almost any kind of surfaces (like fridges and so on). There have even been famous internet break-ups made via this method of communication. The point is that both the product and the company are quite famous and present throughout popular culture.

– This product was also the central part of various works of art, being featured as the main canvas for drawings and paintings and so on, or used to create intricate mosaics. Some of the most well-known artists that worked with these sticky yellow notes are Rosa Maria Arenas, ArdanÖzmenoglu or Rebecca Murtaugh.