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AMD logo



– This black, green and white AMD logo is the logo of an American multinational company specialized in conductors. The corporation is based in Sunnyvale, California, and it basically develops computer processors and all sorts of related technologies, both for business and consumer markets. Obviously, considering the business they’re in, they can’t be a very old company, but given the circumstances of the field (how new the branch of processors is), it’s still nice that they go back to 1969 when they were first founded. Nowadays, this IT giant is the world’s second largest supplier of advanced microprocessors (based on the X86 technology) and the only significant rival to Intel on the market for CPUs for personal computers. The competition between the two has always been fierce and was even sometimes expressed through litigious claims and accusations.

– On August 31, 2011, the company achieved its first Guinness World Record for the highest frequency of a computer processor, namely for an unprecedented 8.429 GHz. The previous record had been held by Intel and amounted to 8.308 GHz, so we imagine the new in-your-face demo was somehow related to the tense history between the two giants, and could only further add to the grudge. So basically, your computer probably sports an AMD FX processor or an AMD Radeon graphic card.