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Burger King logo

Burger King


– Honestly, just seeing a brief glimpse of this logo is enough to make us all hungry here, and if we know our visitors by now – and we think we do – it’s probably the same with you too. The unmistakable Burger King logo depicts the brand’s name between two bun halves in bright yellow. In the Burger King logo history there is an old Burger King logo depicting a king sitting on a burger, but newer times asked for new images and just as any other company’s logos, the old Burger King logo gave room to the new one. The gloriously delicious logo (excuse us, it’s the hunger speaking) stands behind a world-famous chain of hamburger fast-food restaurants that has a strong foothold in the business a global scale. Basically, this initially American (and now global) brand comes just third in sales within the fast-food business after McDonald’s and KFC. It was established by two brothers in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida, but it changed ownership after a few years, being then based in Miami, where the company’s headquarters still lie to this day. Its most famous product is the Whopper.

– Since we’re still talking about a fast-food chain, no matter what hunger does to our better judgment, we should also say that the company has been involved in some degree of controversy over the health effects of its products, just like any other fast-food chain. Obviously it’s not the most nutritious food out there, so it tends to draw quite a large amount of negative attention, which escalates into legal conflicts that can be about a various number of things, ranging from animal rights to international law and misinterpretation of the Islamic sharia law 0 yes, it even got to that as well.