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BMW logo



– Just like in the case of the previous level of the game, the answer is again the name of a German automobile manufacturer and producer. The BMW logo is a very famous car logo which contains a thick black circle bordered by a smooth silver outline holding the company’s name in a prominent position. The core of the circle is broke up into four quadrants with national colors of Bavaria – blue and white. The BMW logo history can be traced back to 1929, when first used in a BMW advertisement.

– BMW is a famous German automobile, motorcycle and engine maker based in Munich, Bavaria. It was founded in 1917 by Franz Josef Popp. Currently, the company has about 100,000 employees around the world. The BMW logos can be seen everywhere in the world, but what is BMW known for best is that it represents the ultimate German muscle car maker, with their M division being one of the fastest salon cars in the streets.