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KIA logo



– This red on white KIA logo that so easily stands out from the crowd belongs to a famous South Korean car manufacturer. The Kia Motors logo is quite simple and doesn’t use intricate symbolism, but it is easily recognizable. The company is the country’s second largest after the also famous Hyundai Motor Company. Perhaps the one featured now is not as well-known as Hyundai, but at least to vehicle aficionados, it is still among the best. In the recent years, its sales were around 2.7 million cars per year, and since 2012 one third of the company was purchased by Hyundai.

– According to the company, its name is comprised of “Ki”, which means to come out, to arise”, and “A” which stands for Asia, thus the brand name meaning something like “to arise from Asia” or “to come out of Asia”. Clearly, this is a company which really means to prove something to the West, and judging by its business statistics, it’s doing a fine job at it. Unfortunately the company has been also involved in some small degree of controversy over inflating some of its cars’ stats, regarding mileage and a 3% claim of saving more fuel than it actually did. In 2012, they were forced to admit their error and offer some compensation to owners who bought their cars under the slightly miscalculated claims, but other than that, the company’s reputation is quite solid and going strong.