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KTM logo



– This is a logo for cool guys, definitely. The orange colored KTM logo stands for a renowned Austrian motorcycle producer, and you would have probably known it if you weren’t such a wuss (just kidding, we didn’t know it either before researching it for a bit). It was formally established under its current name in 1992, but the brand’s history and foundations can be traced as far as 1934, when the engineer Johann Trunkenpolz had set up his metalworking and locksmith workshop in Mattighofen. His shop was known as Kraftfahrzeug Trunkenpolz Mattighofen, hence the current brand’s initials, but the name wasn’t really formally registered yet, which is why the official history of the brand only begins in 1992. But the same guy was also producing Opel cars back in the day, so you may know him for those as well.

– During the war, Trunkenpolz’s wife took care of the business for her husband, and after the war the economic climate made it hard for everyone, so business was kind of shrinking. But in the 1950, the company was taken over by a sizeable share-holder who had more capital and business skills, and the activity became booming once more: motorcycles were being produced at the rate of three per day, even though the shop only amounted to twenty employees total. Today, the brand is known mostly for its off-road motorcycles, but it has expanded into regular bikes as well, and is also currently working to develop a sportscar. Is anybody in the mood for racing right now?