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Groupon logo



– The Groupon logo stands behind a “deal-of-the-day” type of website that features various gift certificates sold in a discount regime, and which are redeemable at many local or national companies. The main place of activity for this website is the United States of America (with the headquarters in Chicago), but the group has also spread to Canada as well. The name of the website (and the company) is a portmanteau for “group coupon”.

– For a long while, the company seemed to be a model for great economic success, and Forbes and the Wall Street Journal said it was the one company that could make a billion dollars at a faster rate than any other. Business was booming in an admirable way, it seems, but reports from 2011 have suggested that the company was actually an illustrative model for an investment disaster and proof of how fast an internet favorite can come crashing down. Still, the company isn’t bankrupt yet, so no need to label it as dead insofar, there’s still time to maybe recover, in spite of accumulating levels of losses.