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OralB logo



– The Oral B logo stands behind the name of a famous toothpaste and oral hygiene accessories producer. Since taking care of one’s teeth is a popular topic and imperative wherever the world is technologically advanced enough to also have smartphones and tablets, we’re pretty sure you already know it (semi-kidding). But really, a short trip to the nearest supermarket will probably reveal at least one product made by this company, whether it will be toothpaste or a toothbrush or a mouthwash or dental floss.

– The brand was established in the 1950, when its founder, Dr. Robert Hutson, invented the world’s first toothbrush made out of nylon bristle. Later, in 1969, the brand’s toothbrush was the first the leave the Earth’s orbit, being taken by Apollo 11 mission crew members on their journey to the moon. Over the years, the company changed ownership, being taken over by larger and larger groups. It first became a part of Gillette in 1984, and since 2006 it’s been a part of the Procter&Gamblecorporation. Recently, in 2014, the company developed the first smartphone-connected toothbrush, that uses an app created with a dentist to help people improve their brushing technique. That seems quite advanced, right?