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Guerlain logo



– The Guerlain logo stands for one of the oldest perfume houses in the business. It’s French, obviously, as most of the good ones tended to be, at least historically, and it encompasses a history spanning from 1828 to the present day. Though the brand is still very popular and highly successful, the fact that made its history and evolution unique is the fact that they managed to maintain it as a family business for a truly long time. Four generations of house master perfumers worked in the family business, until 1994, when they decided to sell it to a conglomerate company, the LVMH group, even though the last family perfumer continued to work for the house. This decision was met with a lot of criticism by fans, who viewed it as a sure step towards a cheapening of the house’s products and a killing blow to the authenticity of the brand and its unique ingredients and formulas.

– The brand’s most well-known product is Shalimar, created in 1925. The perfume was reinterpreted into lighter and more modern versions in the past years, and so continues to be a hit of current trends in addition to being the cult icon it already was. The company’s main face is the Russian model Natalia Vodianova, since 2008 and ongoing. The logo of two mirroring an intertwined “G”s is esteemed and recognized by beauty addicts and fashion insiders all over the world.