It’s so nice when you can find a game you love to play on your smartphone or your tablet – nothing can help the time go by as easily as a fun game app, and don’t we all know how badly we need the time to pass by faster when we’re bored? The gaming app craze is a trend that exploded over the past years, and some of the most popular choices in the niche are logo quiz games.

It’s just very challenging to be able to test your knowledge about things that are both abstract (because they’re symbols) and real (since they represent brands of things we see every day). Logo Quiz Mangoo is one of these immensely popular quizzes, but since nobody can really know all the answers, sometimes a little help is needed in order to progress through the game. This is probably why you are here on the Logo Quiz Mangoo Answers Page for Level 43: you either need us to deliver you the solution, or you need to check your answer against ours, to see if you are right.

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Lacoste logo



– The Lacoste logo stands for a famous high-end clothing brand established in France in 1933. Besides the high-end clothing, the company also sells perfume, footwear, leather goods, watches and eyewear (sunglasses and such). The logo with the green crocodile is so famous that it can be easily recognized anywhere in the world. It even spurred its own trend of urban jokes and slang.  The company’s founded was nicknamed “The Crocodile” for his tenacity on the tennis field. A classic joke about stupid and snobbish blondes goes like this: three blonde bimbos fall into the Amazon river. In a couple of minutes, they get completely surrounded by alligators circling them. Then, one of them says: “Look, they’ve got Lacoste saving boats! How cool is that!”

– The brand is indeed highly regarded and prized as a statement choice of high-end clothing. Wearing a piece signed by this company is a show of both status and taste. The brand has nowadays many independent boutiques worldwide, as well as a numerous representation is collective high-end clothing stores, and also an option to buy their products online directly.