You know what’s even better than finding a nice game you can play on your smartphone to make the boredom go away? Nailing it, of course. And even nicer than that is to witness yourself, slightly amazed, as you’re passing through more and more levels and correctly solving them until you make it to the pro league. But the only thing that can halt your advancement is that one particular annoying answer – or, in this case, logo – which you just can’t correctly answer, although it lies on the tip of your tongue. This is why we have built the Logo Quiz Mangoo Answers Pages for all the levels of the game. We are here for you all the way.

Sometimes it happens like this: you know you’ve seen the logo a couple of times or even more often than that, and yet it refuses to yield, getting you stuck at the same level. If that happens to you, make sure you check our archives: we have mapped every answer for every level of Logo Quiz Mangoo for you, plus many other mobile phone apps as well. We don’t have just the Logo Quiz Mangoo answers, but other logo quiz answers and guess the brand games’ answers as well. Have fun with the Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 41 answers and see you at the next level!


Sprite logo



– You can’t live on this planet and not know this soft drink. It’s part of the portfolio of the giant soft drink company Coca-Cola and it’s among the best sold beverages in the world today. It was developed in West Germany in 1959 as a version of “Clear lemon Fanta”, but it was immediately picked up by the mother company and introduced to the United States in 1961. Its introduction to the worldwide market was actually part of Coca-Cola’s strategy to counteract the rise in popularity of 7Up, the similar drink produced under the umbrella of the competing corporation, Pepsi.

– The colors of the Sprite logos (as they were many) are also the colors found on the bottles and cans in which the drink is commercialized. It’s almost sufficient to see some green and blue and a bit of silver on a can and you’ll immediately think of this particular soft drink and its lemony refreshing taste. The product has had many slogans and advertising campaigns over the years, but its best known remains “Obey your thirst”, together with the more recent “The truth is refreshing”. Another very successful marketing move was accomplished by the French franchise of the brand, which boasted in 2012 about replacing 30% of the sugar content with stevia, for a healthier result. If more soft drinks would follow this lead, the world would be at least a bit better off.