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CapCom logo



– The Capcom logo belongs to a highly successful Japanese developer and publisher of video games. Some of its most well-known and best-selling products include Mega Man, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry and Street Fighter games, as well as the highly popular Resident Evil video game. Unlike how these things usually go, the famous Resident Evil movies (starring the drop dead gorgeous Milla Jovovich) are made after the video game and not the other way around. That’s right: the video game was so well-written and so hugely popular, that novels and movies were made after it, instead of the game being a lame attempt to profit a bit from a popular blockbuster movie. So anyone who ever fantasized about shooting their way through the zombie apocalypse has got to know this company and its logo.

– There’s another interesting and not so common fact to note about this video game developer. While the products they release are a huge commercial success every time, they are otherwise met with almost universal criticism upon release? Is it the fact that the gaming community can’t make up its mind? Or is it a bit of professional jealousy? Well, all we can say for sure is that haters gonna’ hate.