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The Music Television logo



– The MTV logo consists of the brand’s name and was created by Manhattan Design. There are several old MTV logos in the company’s history, but they all revolved around the same concepts. You can’t be young enough to play smartphone games and also old enough not to know about this music and entertainment channel. The logo features the three letters which are an acronym for “Music Television”, and the channel has been a favorite of teens and young people alike for three decades and going. The American channel was launched in 1981 and initially only featured popular music videos, guided by young television personalities (the so-called VJs – video jockeys) that were trending at the time. The channel basked in immediate and sustained popularity and over time it enriched its offer, also broadcasting various reality shows (like Punked), television shows (like Teen Wolf), cartoons (like Beavis and Butthead), mini-movies and so on, in addition to the music videos.

– If the channel’s target audience were young adults in its early years, nowadays the balance has shifted more towards teens and adolescents, but young adults also remained on the radar. As is bound to happen to any media giant with such a huge popularity and influence over young minds, the channel has been subjected to a lot of criticism on the topics of political correctness, programming choices, sensitivity, censorship, poor taste (from a more elitist perspective), as well as the so-claimed negative influence on the budding generations. It often happened that the channel was forced to remove or edit some of the content of the videos promoted, or to move them to the late night rotation, or remove them entirely. Nevertheless, its popularity stays strong in spite of these minor drawbacks.