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EasyJet logo



– This is the name of a British airline carrier with its headquarters at a London airport (the London Luton Airport, to be more precise). It was established in 1995 and has continued to slowly grow ever since, through multiple small acquisitions and through the huge consumer demand for low-cost tickets. Nowadays, the company owns over 200 aircraft and transports over 60 million passengers yearly. Not one of the huge top 5 giants, but not a small air flight company, either.

– The airline has a mostly good public image, mainly due to its efforts to protect the environment. In mid-2007 the company even announced its plans of constructing its own airliner, EcoJet, meant to use propfan engines as a way to improve fuel efficiency. The date of the first flight for this innovative aircraft is yet to come, but should follow shortly in the feature (it’s scheduled to take place sometime in 2015). However, in spite of this positive image of an airline that strives to make its transportation less harmful to the environment, the company also came under a lot of criticism (mainly in Germany) for not observing the European Union rules for compensation and passenger assistance in case of delayed flights, cancellations or denied boarding.