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Ariel logo



– The main reason to love this name is, in our humble opinion, the Little Mermaid, duuh. What can be better than a redhead and mermaid 2-in-one, with an ending modified by Disney to be a happy one? Few things, really. But in this context, the name is the correct answer to the Ariel logo, standing for a famous brand of fabric detergents made by Procter and Gamble. And it seems to be quite an important addition to the mother company’s portfolio, since they feature it as a flagship brand for their main offer in many countries and areas (Europe, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Turkey, India etc.)

– The laundry detergent first appeared in 1967 on the UK market and it was the first one in the world to use stain-removing enzymes as opposed to common soap. Since it very launch, it was designed to be used with washing machines, that continued to be on an increase rise ever since. Over the years, the detergent had to undergo various formula adjustments in order to be suitable for the newer models of automatic machines people used to do their laundry, but it always managed to remain a very popular consumer choice. Even when faced with intense competition (like from the competing brand Persil from Unilever’s portfolio), this brand managed to stay on top. In other words, the Ariel atom logo speaks about one of the most famous and high – quality detergents in the world.