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Blu Ray logo



– This is a tricky question: it might get you thinking that you could just transcribe the letters of the logo as the answer, but as you can see, that’s not it. The frustrating part is that many players may just persist in trying over and over to enter this incorrect answer, without realizing what they might be doing wrong. The BluRay logo isn’t the easiest one to figure out. It’s a good thing you have people like us helping out, right? (Please also note the exceptional modesty of our little enterprise.) Anyway, the answer is the name of a digital optical disk data storage format (like a DVD, ok?), designed to supersede the DVD format by being able to store high-definition video data as good as 1080p. Basically, the brand has revolutionized the experience of watching movies at home on your computer, bringing the concept of home cinema one step closer.

– The new storage format was developed by the Blu-Ray Disc Association, a group representing multiple makers of consumer electronics, motion pictures, computer hardware etcbrough together under a single organization umbrella. For a time, the main competitor of this disk was the HD DVD format, but even Toshiba, which was the main supporter of that, finally gave in and released its own version of a Blu-Ray disc player sometime in 2009. The new disk seems to have won over computer experts, as well as home users, worldwide.