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But since not everyone is a superhero when it comes to correctly solving these questions effortlessly, we figured a helping hand is always welcome. Therefore we’ve charted out the complete game (and many other games as well), providing the full answers, cracks and some interesting background facts for all the answers. Even if you’ve already managed to advance through the initial levels unchallenged, it’s always nice to find out a bit more about the answers you correctly gave, so feel free to browse around. Below you will find the Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 34 answers and hints! Remember that we have all the Logo Quiz Mangoo answers, so enjoy the ride!


Michelin logo



– The Michelin logo is the famous “tire man”. You know this brand, its past logos and what things make it special: one way or the other, it helped you travel. Ever wondered who’s the second largest tire manufacturers in the world? It’s a French company based in Clermont-Ferrand in the Auvergne region. This brand is also famous for its travel guides, road maps and its mascot Bibendum. So let’s get our facts straight: one of the most important things Michelin is known for is its tires, its history, its logo and its route planners. The mascot’s name is Bibendum (with the slogan “Now is the time to drink”) and it was introduced in 1984, at the Lyon Exhibition where the company had a stand.

– The brand may be more famous – for those of you who know close to nothing about cars or tyres – for its travel guides, as well as the stars which those guides award to the fanciest of upper-class restaurants around the world. Basically all international chef celebrities who also own restaurants are engaged in a fierce competition to be granted those stars, so the company actually manages to be quite a big name in the culinary arts as well. For many chefs, a chance to be given an entry into one of the famous Red Guides for restaurants and travel is the opportunity of a lifetime.