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Veet logo



– The Veet logo stands behind a brand that has helped people (namely, women) remove their unwanted bodily hair through chemical means for years. Since 1922, to be more precise. As scary as the thought may be (Gosh, don’t we all suddenly realize how old are the ways through which the beauty industry has succeeded in making us feel uncomfortable in our own bodies, or at least uncomfortable enough to buy their products?), a long tradition is always a good thing in brands. So, officially, the company was originally registered in the USA and even though its products have been known under different names (like Neet or Immac), they’ve always been around as a cream-based chemical depilation option.

– Unfortunately, the brand has faced serious criticism and controversy lately, since many media and consumer voices accuse the company of running sexist and derogatory ads that make women feel uncomfortable in their own bodies. The same could be said, probably, of virtually any company that wants to sell you a product meant to alter your natural appearance, but it seems this particular one really over-does it, at least according to the critics.