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Siemens logo



– A famous brand of engineering and electronics is on the screen again, it seems. This time, it’s a German brand with a history of activity dating back to 1847. Today the company is a multinational one with divided ownership among various corporate conglomerates, but the headquarters for this brand are still in Germany, in Berlin and Munich. The Siemens logo stands today fr the largest engineering company in Europe. Among its chief products are also mobile phones and smartphones, so chances are that you’re playing this game on a device that bears the very same logo you’re supposed to correctly identify. Wouldn’t that be a bit of a technological inception?

– The main official fields of activity for this technological giant are industry, transportation, energy and healthcare. The company has over 360,000 employees in over 190 countries and is still rocking as high as ever, but it was also involved in quite a number of controversies over the course of its history. For example, the complicity in using forced labor in the Nazi’s labor camps, or getting some fines for the EU for tampering with the energy prices.