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Malibu logo



– The delightful Malibu Rum logo, with palm trees casting their slender shadows on the sunset, is the well-known label for a famous rum brand. It’s enough to glimpse at it once and you’ll either feel a strong urge to drop everything and go on vacation, or, depending on how powerful your imagination is, you’ll already feel the taste of pina coladas. The reason this rum brand seems destined to be used in making those lovely Puerto Rican cocktails is the fact that it’s not just plain rum that goes in the bottle, but also natural coconut extract. While it’s true that this might narrow the options – you won’t be able to use it in making mojitos, for example – it’s also true that it just tastes wonderful. Even if you don’t make coladas out of it, it’s flavorful enough to just have it on its own, straight out of the bottle (and the alcohol content is just 21% percent, so it’s not too strong either). Cheers!

– Historically, the drink was engineered precisely to simplify the making of pina colada cocktails for bartenders, but after a while it got so popular on its own that the production moved to Barbados and the quality of the ingredients used has also improved. Nowadays the white bottles can be found in any serious liquor section of bigger supermarkets, and the advertising campaigns that promote the drink portray Caribbean people chilling as opposed to the stereotypical stressed Western lifestyle. The motto behind the drink’s ads is “Seriously easy going”.