Mobile phone games have lived a complete turn-around in the past few years: no longer the escape of geeks or intentionally outdated hipsters, they’ve taken the software and gaming world by surprise with their recent developments. With the release of fancier and fancier smartphones, the games featured on them are becoming more and more interesting and glamorous themselves, a lot of mobile phone users becoming attracted to this revisited game type. If you’ve joined the mobile game app wagon yourself, you already know that there’s good reason behind this turnaround: these games and fun and colorful and very well-done.

Also, nothing can help kill the boring time you’re bound to encounter during the day quite as well as one of these mini-games can. But every now and then, every player needs a bit of help to get past an annoying level that you just can’t complete on your own. Perhaps this is why you are on the Logo Quiz Mangoo Answers Page for Level 30! You need our assistance or just a means to double – checking the solution you already thought about.

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Pepsi logo



– This is the most well-known brand of cola drinks in the world, right after the original, Coca-Cola. It was created and developed in 1893 and initially marketed under the name of Brad’s Drink, by the drugstore owner Caleb Bradham. After a short while, the soft drink was renamed with its current name, from the digestive enzyme pepsin which was used together with kola nuts in order to produce the drink. The Pepsi logo is one of the most recognized beverage logos and company logos in the world. It consists of the company name and a blue, white and red sphere. As you know, in the Pepsi logo history there were a bunch of logos, the most recent old Pepsi logo being replaced with the new one quite recently.

– Since its initial introduction to the market, the brand has continuously been Coca Cola’s main competitor, though it comes second in sales after them. Still, being second in sales worldwide after a giant brand like Coca-Cola doesn’t sound so bad, right? The business is still huge, just as it befits the taste that so many people in the world seem to love.