We know how exciting and interesting it is when you find another new game you enjoy playing and can’t seem to get enough of on your mobile device. This new trend of mini-games has been highly encouraged by the intense buzz of the app development niche from the past two or three years. The games the developers come up with seem to outdo themselves time and time again, not that any of us enthusiastic users are complaining. But what can really ruin the mood is getting repeatedly beat at a level you’re stuck on, especially with quiz games where if you don’t know it, you can’t guess it. This is why we decided to offer you all the Logo Quiz Mangoo answers for all this game’s levels, together with many other more logo quiz answers, guess the brand answers, car logo quiz aswers and many more!

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XBOX logo



– The Xbox logo consists of a gray sphere with a green X enveloping it. Now this is a logo that many gaming aficionados should easily recognize. The brand behind it is actually part of the giant Microsoft franchise that started out with a series of upbeat video game consoles developed and released by the mother company. Since their initial release in November 2001, the consoles have been a hit, generating a huge fandom and market share, as well as quite a cultural turn with a strong video game revival. The current head of the division is Phil Spencer and the brand he runs is at its most successful peak in history, compared both to previous competitors and with their own past performance.

– The brand of videogame consoles managed to outsell and beat in popularity former niche giants such as Sony’s PlayStation or Nintendo’s GameCube or Sega’s Dreamcast. The newest integrated model of console released also allows users to connect while playing, using a broadband connection. This move has the potential to generate an universe of video game players just as vast as the one(s) created through massive online multi-players games that need traditional computers to log into the virtual realm.