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HotWheels logo



– This fiery HotWheels logo that suggests a Need for Speed-style race isn’t the logo behind some race car brand, as some of you might think, but the logo of a toy car brand. This brand of mini toy cars was introduced in 1968 by the American toy company Mattel and it’s been very popular with all ages ever since. Although originally intended for children (just as toy trains and other examples everyone can probably think of), the toy cars became very popular among adults as well, who have begun to collect them more and more competitively. This huge popularity of the toy cars among adult collectors have triggered some new marketing strategies on behalf of the company as well, since many limited editions of cars were released specifically with this demographic in mind.

– According to official estimated, the average collector has around 1550 mini cars, while children in the 5 to 15 demographic have an average of 41 toy cars. To sustain its growing collector community, Mattel has launched an online official forum where collectors can virtually meet and exchange toys or information about their common passion.