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Lexus logo



– The Lexus logo comprises of the initial “L” encircled by an oval in a steel gray finish. The logo Lexus uses these days can be traced back to 1988 and Toyota claims it was rendered using a precise mathematical formula. This is a luxury vehicle division of the Japanese car giant Toyota Motor Corporation. Practically, there’s no thinking about any famous luxury automobiles without the name of this Japanese brand also coming up on the restricted list. This marque of vehicles is marketed and sold in over 70 countries worldwide and seems to be doing very well: since the 2000s it has expanded to sell more cars even outside its main market, which had been the United States up to that point.

– The story behind the creation of this luxury automobile division within the mother company is quite interesting: it appears that the original model for the first car was actually based on a clandestine flagship sedan project, which was kept top secret under the code name F1. The secrecy and project development lasted until the official launch of the first car, in 1989.