So, you’ve made it past the first level. We bet you had a little tinge of satisfaction when you nailed that first one. There’s no reason for you not to nail this one as well, especially since Mangoo’s Logo quiz has the advantage of not harassing you with lots of logos at the time, such as similar other games do. Basically, if you just focus on what’s in front of you, without having to worry about some little unknown shadow of a logo you see at the corner of your eye, there’s no reason why you could lose. So here you have the Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 2 answers and hints! Don’t forget we have all the Logo Quiz Mangoo answers for all levels!

Just as a reminder, we, just like you, love guess the brand games, so we have gathered here a wide collection of logo quiz answers, trivia, puzzles and riddles solutions, hints, tips, cheats and help pages, so come by any time you need an extra helping hand! Now let’s see the  Logo Quiz Mangoo Answers Page for Level 2! Good luck and keep moving forward!


Samsung Electronics logo



– On this level, it’s the turn of a technology giant. It’s perhaps just a teeny bit ironic that Samsung, most often than not, also produces some of the mobile phones on which the game itself is being played on. That must be one hell of a coincidence when it occurs, so you might recognize the Samsung logo from your smartphone or laptop: it’s got the name of the company in white letters in a blue oval, rotated 10 degrees from its x axis.

– One of the things very few people know about this lovely brand of cells and so on is its geographical origin. It may shock most of you to know that this cool smartphone company is actually based in South Korea and was founded in 1938.