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Smirnoff Logo



– And with this entry we finally get to the good stuff: the Smirnoff logo (this steel and red decorated emblem) stands for a famous brand of Russian vodka, though it’s nowadays owned and produced by the British company Diageo. Historically, this vodka was initially distilled in Moscow, in a distillery founded by Piotr Arsienevich Smirnov (1831-1898). Gosh, doesn’t the name just get you all giddy and excited? It sounds like something freshly torn from between the pages of a romantic Russian existentialist novel. Anyway, the distillery for the Russian vodka was founded in the 1860 and was pretty successful, producing and selling more than four million bottles of vodka yearly. But after the political turbulence caused by the Bolshevik revolution, the next owner of the distillery (Vladimir Smirnov) had to reestablish the business somewhere in the West, eventually partnering up with a Russian-born American business man, Rudolph Kunett.

– This vodka brand subsequently achieved the performance of being in very high demand both in the West and in Soviet Russia. For a while business bloomed on both fronts, but then the communists banned the brand in Russia for about 70 years. Ironically, this led to every common man believing this vodka was the absolute best, because they weren’t allowed to have it. The high esteem held in Russia for this particular vodka brand survived to this day, even if it’s now available to buy at every corner shop. So get some ice and some vodka and let’s celebrate the fact that you are now closer to the Logo Quiz Mangoo Answers Page for Level 20!