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Granini logo



– The Granini logo is pretty easy to guess, since the letters are very comprehendible and there’s no trick involved: what you see is what you get (well, in this case, what it reads as). You may or may not be familiar with it depending on where in the world you live, but this brand is one of the top producers of natural fruit juices of the more expensive and high quality kind. The company group is based in Germany, but the lovely fruit juices they bottle up for the consumer’s convenience are distributed in more than 70 countries worldwide.

– The juices produced and packaged by this company are actually the staples offered to U.S. soldiers and supporting troops which are stationed in Afghanistan and Kuwait. This detail should give you a better clue on just how appreciated and trusted the brand is, since the U.S. government is willing to serve this to its military members. In addition to the fruit juices, the company also offers related products, like fruit-flavored candy reminiscent of their juices and so on.