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Vaio logo



– This is actually the first logo quizzed by the game that doesn’t allow an immediate read into the brand’s name. According to most official sources, this is also a sure sign that the game has moved further up into the difficulty level. The VAIO logo is actually an acronym (like most logos tend to be), that stands for Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer, which makes one think of a computer, obviously. It’s not the brand of an independent company, but the name of the PC (Personal Computer) division of the perhaps better known Sony corporation.

– The brand was introduced on the computer market by Sony in 1996, and its novelty was the use of a 3D graphical interface for users. Though successful and appreciated by the user community, unfortunately the brand didn’t manage to score enough sales to be profitable on the long run, and the mother company decided to sell out its computer division in February 2014. The Sony Vaio logo is surely going to be missed, far beyond the Japanese IT market.