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Virgin logo



– Perhaps it does not have a very appealing brand name to be associated with if you’re a teenager or an otherwise pretty young customer, but this company conglomerate is the most distinguished in the business. Initially, the brand was used when its founders, Richard Branson and a partner, decided to open a record shop but considered themselves to be virgins in the business. This was in the 1970, though the brand was more officially registered in 1989. Also, the V in the logo has been described by the company’s founder as a “tick” or a nod of approval to the services provided. Speaking of nods, the ironical nod to their own lack of experience was nevertheless camouflaged by the company’s top notch services that managed to quickly attract a reputation of high professionalism. Obviously, the business evolved from being a plain record store into branching out into numerous other business fields.

– Some of the most successful products that the company features today comprise an astonishing variety: banking services, beverages, travel, video games, consumer electronics, financial services, films, books, radio, television, internet, cosmetics, jewelry, house ware, mobile phones and even commercial spaceflight (yes, that means taking people into the outer space for an awesome ride). You will see the red V standing for the Virgin Mobile logo, Virgin Airlines logo, Virgin Records logo, or the Virgin Media logo. Pretty impressive for a small-scale start-up of two inexperienced people, right?