If you are here it means that you are having trouble with one of the most popular trivia games online: car logo quiz. Don’t worry; you’re not the first person to struggle with automobile logos. We all know 20 or 30 of them by heart even without trying or without having any car interest in particular, just by going outside and seeing a few cars or outdoor ads, but beyond this number of logos, it can get difficult. As a matter of fact, we have compiled the list of logo quiz cars answers for this very purpose. We know that there are various popular companies, but there are also some little known ones. Some company names are a result of mergers or rebranding strategies and you may actually not be aware of the change and not recognize the logo, even though you were familiar with the car brands which were merged into it. What we’re trying to say is that it can really get tricky.

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Logo quiz cars answers Level 4

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Logo quiz cars answers Level 10

You shouldn’t feel discouraged if you don’t recognize several car logos and names. That’s what we’re here for: our site offers you a complete walkthrough of all 10 levels of the game, complete with hints and answers (cheats) for each logo. This means that not only you won’t get stuck anymore on some level you just can’t get past of because of one mysterious logo, but it also means you can enrich the knowledge you have about each car brand (via the hint system). The system of hints gives you information about the brand’s history, the company’s headquarters or other relevant info about its organization or most successful car models it produced. This way, even if you did know how to correctly identify a logo, you have a chance of finding out a ton of extra information you previously had no idea about!

The Gameplay Experience of Logo Quiz Cars

The Logo Quiz Cars game was designed by Bubble and Candy Logo app developers, which have several other successful quiz games. In this game, there are over 1000 car logos, spun over 10 levels total. The first three levels of the game (1-3) can be considered easy, the next three (4-6) are medium in their difficulty, and the last 4 levels are certainly quite difficult. Of course, the game becomes gradually harder to play as the levels progress, so there’s no significant jump between the levels 3 and 4 or 6 and 7. After completing one level by correctly identifying all the car logos show to you in it (they are only partially revealed, of course, since most logos also contain the name of the brand or an acronym of it), you get to move on to the next level.

If you misidentify a logo (by introducing the wrong answer in the required field), you are back to square one and need to start the game over. The good part is that even if you need to start over with the game, you will surely remember all too well the logos until the part you went wrong at, so progressing back to that point will be quite easy and fast. The average time duration required for a player to finish the game completely is 8 hours of play time (not all of them at once, of course). Another piece of good news is that each time you get three logos right, you earn another in-game hint.

Still, for the best game experience ever, you also have our pages of hints and answers for all the levels of Logo Quiz Cars. We recommend you to play the game with our website open on a different device (like your computer), so you can keep up with our walkthrough pages (one per level) as you play. This way, you can either know the answers ahead (if you’d like), or only take a peek at the answers when you feel in danger of being stuck. You can also retrace your steps with our guide after the completion of each level, just so you make sure you remember what every logo stands for. As you can probably guess, the game isn’t only expanding your general knowledge about cars and such, but it also helps you exercise your memory skill, your fast recognition reflexes and so on. It’s good for people of all ages, including the elderly who could often use a brain-trainer such as this game in order to protect themselves from Alzheimer’s or similar diseases. But enough with the gloomy facts; instead, let’s take a quick look at the game’s technical characteristics, such as system requirements, download size and so on, in the next section of this intro.

Technical Stats and Features

The Logo Quiz Cars by Candy Logo can be downloaded for free at the Google App Store or iTunes store and so on. You can even download it under the same terms on Amazon, as long as you have a mobile device compatible with the game. The latest version of the app, 2.01 has had numerous bugs and performance issues fixed and is rated quite highly by reviewing customers. The game’s overall rating is 3.9 stars out of 5, which is pretty high for the niche of logo quiz games. The latest update of the app was in November 2014, which is when the new version of the game was released.

The size of the download is 4.8 M, so it leaves plenty of space for keeping other apps installed on your mobile device (we know how annoying it can be to find a cool app, like one showing you the starry night sky and so on, only to have to uninstall it shortly thereafter for lack of space). The game has over 1 million players total and even though it isn’t exactly a new trend, its popularity seems to remain pretty constant over the past 2 years, so you can be sure your records in the game will still be something to brag about in the near future as well!

The game content has been rated for ‘Low Maturity’, which means that kids as well as adults can play this game without any concerns or issues about inappropriate content. What could be inappropriate about some nice car brands and logos or their history? To install the game, you need a mobile device (such as a smartphone or even a tablet) with Android 2.3 or up; this shouldn’t be a hard to attain requirement, since most mobile devices nowadays have higher performance Android version than that.

In order to express any questions or comments to the app developer directly, Candy Logo can be contacted at the following official email address: candylogoandroid@gmail.com. But considering that you already have us around to walk you through each level and each logo of the game, then it’s safe to say that you probably won’t be needing the contact email any time soon. In the following section, we will detail exactly how our Logo Quiz Cars answers pages are organized and how you can make the most of them.

Logo Quiz Cars Answers

Before you take a look at our car logo quiz answers, you should do your best to solve the logos yourself. Think about them. Is there any chance that you have seen them before? Even if you struggle for a while on car logos and names, you will get more satisfaction by the time you finish the game. You should also keep track of the car logos that you recognize, and the ones that you need help with.

Logo Quiz Car game is actually the coolest guessing game to test your knowledge about automobiles. You just need a smart mobile device like an iPhone or a tablet to start playing. But since we’re only human, we can’t possibly know all the answers. Maybe you recognize the logo but you just cannot remember the car’s name. That’s where we come in. This is actually the best place for Logo Quiz Car answers for all levels. Here you will find hints and short descriptions of the logos so that you can hope to find online.

We don’t simply spoon-feed the answers. Every car logo has two hints. One is the description of the logo; the other consists of information and history about the company. This means that you will not only be solving car symbols and names, you will also be brushing up on your knowledge. Car logo quiz is an extremely fun way of learning new things. Another thing you should know is that the car logos become more difficult with every level. In other words, you will be needing a lot more help on levels 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. We are here to help you with that.

Want to get all the answers correct and quickly move to the next level? Are you ready for Logo Quiz Car answers level 1? Let’s see what you’ve got. In the following car logo quiz cheats pages you will find all the automotive company data, car logos and names explained. Good luck and have the most fun that you can!

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Basic facts and stats of the Logo Quiz Cars game


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