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What does FAM mean?

Funny how we encounter another one of those texting acronyms (text abbreviations to be correct) which originate from real words and are considered more words than text acronyms. Did we confuse you even more? Let’s see what does FAM mean for real in both spoken and written slang (as it is a slang text no matter how you look at it) and use the Guess the Text answers and cheats to make the final step and reach level 100!

Don’t you feel a bit sorry for finishing all the texting acronyms and text abbreviations featured by the game? Don’t you want more challenges? Well, we have one level left, but after we learn what does FAM mean and finally reach the finish line, it’s time to pop up that champagne and celebrate victory!

You’ll find many people who consider that FAM actually stands for “for a minute” and perhaps they are not wrong, but in informal conversations, text-based ones and general slang, FAM is the shortened version of the word “family.” Make sure you don’t mistake this informal manner to speak to your friends with the acronym for “Federal Air Marshall.”

We use the abbreviation or shorthand “fam” just as we’d use “bro” or “dude”, a term of endearment if you like, which expresses our affection towards somebody (or even a group of people) we consider to be family. In Latin-based speaking countries, “fam.” is also an accepted manner to abbreviate the word “family” even on official documents.

Guess the Text Answers –

FAM – Family

FAM texting acronyms