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What does MUAH mean?

Surely somebody ended an online conversation or a phone texting messages exchange with the acronym MUAH! Don’t you know what does MUAH mean? We’re sure you do! But it’s good that you are still verifying your own texting acronyms and text abbreviations ideas against ours! This is how learning is done properly! Welcome thus to our Guess the Text answers level 97 page, the place where you can have fun while learning about meanings and uses of texting acronyms!

Don’t get fooled by the game producers! Some of the texting acronyms we’ve seen so far were words, not text abbreviations per se. This is not even a true word, but we use it anyway in text-based conversations and it is truly popular as well. Now let’s learn what does MUAH mean and how we should use it!

Despite being quite long for an acronym, suggesting a long phrase or name, MUAH actually stands for “kiss.” It is used to replace the usual XOXO and originates in the sound we make when we kiss somebody loudly, in a friendly manner.

MUAH is used with enthusiasm and less with a romantic or sexual connotation. We can greet friends and acquaintances this acronym, especially when we say “goodbye”, or when we want to thank them for something, when we are pleased with them or just want them to know how much we care. It suggests a blown kiss, or a noisy kiss on the cheek.

Guess the Text Answers –

MUAH – Kiss

MUAH texting acronyms