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What does MBN mean?

Sarcasm! Do you speak it? Well, many text acronyms user speak sarcasm as a native tongue, this is why many text abbreviations are now so popular: they convey phrases which in turn express irony, mockery and even condescendence. If you don’t know “what does MBN mean”, let’s find out with the help of our Guess the Text answers! Some of these text abbreviations might actually come in handy in some text-based conversations!

Before employing in future texting discussions all the texting acronyms you learned throughout this game, make sure you know what they imply, subtly suggest and what contexts they go great with. It’s a learning process, but you’ll get there! Now let’s get closer to the finish line by seeing “what does MBN mean” with the help of our formidable Guess the Text answers and cheats!

The general population tends to consider the MBN as an acronym for “must be nice” in online conversations and text messaging. However, there are some people who think that MBN means “more bad news”, so be careful that you and your conversation partner use the same texting abbreviations to talk about the same things.

We use the MBN acronym for “must be nice” when we feel sarcastic towards other people. This is usually an ironic response to somebody’s conceited attitude, or towards somebody who makes a show of his / her wealth or carefree life.

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MBN – Must Be Nice

MBN texting acronyms