Guess the Text Answers Level 95:

What does JML mean?

Some people thought that the introduction of text abbreviations and text acronyms would make communication faster, easier, with fewer obstacles and more fluent. When you meet people, however, who wonder “what does JML mean” in different context, it is then when you realize that texting acronyms maybe didn’t make communication more coherent, on the contrary. You will learn what we mean if you read the next Guess the Text answers.

There are few levels to go, so we feel we should emphasize on the fact that it’s not enough to only know what texting acronyms mean, but to also know when to employ them, how and with whom. They do indeed ease communication, but they can confuse the life out of unseasoned slang “speakers.” So let’s make some cultural progress and learn “what does JML mean”!

If you’re an IT expert you might burst into laughter seeing that people naively ask “what does JML mean”, because you know it stands for “Java Modeling Language”. There are many Internet people who’d laugh back in your face, as you don’t know that JML actually stands for “just my luck” in text-based communication slang.

JML – as in “just my luck” – is used to emphasize how unlucky you just got all of a sudden. It is a form of expressing bitterness or a way of mocking yourself as a sign of self-irony. It is frequently used in IM, phone texting and Twitting (as it indeed saves a lot of space).

Guess the Text Answers –

JML – Just My Luck

JML texting acronyms