Guess the Text Answers Level 93:

What does LIL mean?

It’s interesting to see a very well known word included in a list of text abbreviations and texting acronyms. We understand why this level may confuse you, as the solution is so obvious, something has got to be wrong with it! Now let’s see “what does LIL mean” and if somehow it differs in Internet slang from what it means in real life. We have the full Guess the Text answers level 93 page built to clear things up!

You have to admit the game developers love to trick you by mixing text acronyms with common words, making you put your brain to work. But you’re too advanced in the game of text abbreviations to get fooled now! See “what does LIL mean” and what its origin and use is in the Guess the Text answers to level up!

We’re sorry, Internet, but when the word “lil’” emerged in rap music, text-based communication was an infant about to be born. Official dictionaries recognize the word “lil” as an adjective standing for “little” for quite some time now. In internet slang, the word kept its meaning.

This is one of those texting abbreviations that are present both in live conversations and text-based ones. Phrases such as “lil’ ol’ me” were considered slang a long time before Internet slang was invented. We now use the abbreviation to add flavor to texts, as “lil’” is used in the same way and context as “little.”

Guess the Text Answers –

LIL – Little

LIL texting acronyms