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What does JIC mean?

Did we mention that many text abbreviations and text acronyms can be traced back to ancient online video games and those famous chat rooms? If you don’t know “what does JIC mean” nowadays, it means you weren’t a passionate GOG player or a chat room lurker. Never mind, we have the full Guess the Text answers, cheats and explanations related to this acronym, and also some fun alternative meanings.

If you don’t know what GOG stands for, it means “good old games”, we’d hate to reveal the definitions of this game’s text abbreviations and leave you confused because we use different ones we don’t explain. Now it’s time to find out what does JIC mean with the help of the next Guess the Text answers and level up! The finish line is getting closer and closer!

If you talk about high pressure fuel delivery and fluid power applications, then JIC refers to “Joint Industry Council” fittings. If you talk about things one should do in an online game or even in real life, just to be sure, you use JIC as “just in case.”

JIC is an acronym which managed to keep its ground since the days of chat rooms, IM and online gaming, being used mostly in in-game chatting. We also use it in more common text-based conversations, like Facebook chat and phone texting. It emphasizes on the fact that something is not mandatory, but should be done anyway, just to make sure.

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JIC – Just in Case

JIC texting acronyms