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What does YGTI mean?

If you started hearing those victory bells, hold your horses, as you have ten more texting acronyms to figure out! Considering that not many people know what does YGTI mean, we think some help is more than welcome, don’t you? Read carefully the next Guess the Text answers, cheats and information we provide, improve your texting acronyms knowledge baggage and then level up to the next text acronyms!

This is one of those text abbreviations that replace a very long idiom, but which cannot be used outside the writing realm. It is confined to Facebook chatting,Twitter, phone messaging and so on. If you really want to know what does YGTI mean, look at the Guess the Text answers and tips we provide below and learn when and how to use it! Have fun!

Here we have again a useful acronym for an entire sentence: “you get the idea”, as this is what YGTI stands for. There are no other meanings associated with this Internet slang text, which only confirms that some texting abbreviations were especially invented for text-based communication.

YGTI is used in at least two different contexts: first, we employ it when we want to emphasize on a certain subject or idea, on a conclusion or an explanation, in order to make our conversation partner fully aware of what we just said. The second use is evident in conversations when we want to avoid giving detailed explanations and we only jog the conversation partner’s intuition. YGTI is used to let the other one fill in the blanks.

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YGTI – You Get the Idea

YGTI texting acronyms