Guess the Text Answers Level 9:

What does WEG mean?

‘What does WEG mean’ is a question that troubled many people before you, especially because this text acronym comes surrounded by a certain mythology you’ll find out about while reading the Guess the Text answers below. Congratulations for making it to level 9, this means you’re serious and ambitious about solving all the text abbreviations presented by the game.

Admit it, you find this game challenging and addictive! Not only that you can learn what texting acronyms mean, but you can also find out fun info and details related to the Internet slang texts’ uses and meanings (if you read our Guess the Text answers). We provide you with the Guess the Text answers and hints for all levels, together with little known information about them, but now it’s time to learn ‘what does WEG mean’.

WED means “wicked evil grin”, but some people also think it conveys the expression “wide evil grin”. Nowadays we have emoticons and emojis to express the same exact meaning without using text acronyms anymore.

There are some urban / Internet myths related to the origin and use of this abbreviation and its meaning. Of course nobody can verify the rumors, but they are fun to learn, nonetheless. They say that at the beginnings of the Internet, there was a group (associated with concepts like Mafia and cults) which first used this expression and its abbreviation and later on endorsed them. They called themselves the Dayliethe Malt and they may be the founding fathers of this slang text.

Guess the Text Answers –

WEG – Wicked Evil Grin

WEG texting acronyms