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What does VBD mean?

Did you know that some text abbreviations have synonyms and, obviously, antonyms, represented by other texting acronyms? If you don’t know what does VBD mean, we’ll give you an extra clue: do you have any idea what does NBD mean? But we don’t want to confuse you, but help you beat the game, so check out the next Guess the Text answers, explanations and cheats and level up!

You reached the last leg of your journey through interesting and fun texting acronyms. With ten more levels to go, we bet you’re happy to learn about the last text abbreviations the game challenges you with. This is a VBD BTW! Don’t let confusion or frustration get to you! Find out what does VBD mean, level up and make the best use of our Guess the Text answers!

There are a few meanings associated with the VBD acronym, the most common being “Value Based Draft” in sports, but in Internet language, VBD means “very big deal” and is opposed to another common and frequent slang text “nbd” – which, of course, stands for “no big deal.” VBD can be written in lower case (vbd), meaning the same thing.

We use the VBD acronym in text-based conversations whenever we want to highlight that a certain issue is indeed important, despite it may not look significant at all at a first glance. We also use it as a form of contradicting someone who just said that a topic or a problem is “NBD.”

Guess the Text Answers –

VBD – Very Big Deal

VBD texting acronyms