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What does PROBS mean?

Since some texting acronyms have been used in spoken language well before the rise of the written communication means we use today, many people might interpret wrongly some of these text abbreviations. In order to find out “what does PROBS mean”, we have to remember that slang dictionaries may present different interpretations of some text. To figure things out correctly, we invite you to look over the next Guess the Text answers and learn the info we provide.

Don’t make the mistake of being too sure about some text acronyms correct meanings and uses. If you ask us, PROBS is just the misspelled version of the word “probes.” But don’t let anybody trick you into making confusions! Read our full Guess the Text answers, explanations and definitions and find out what does PROBS mean for real.

The Cambridge and Longman dictionaries both recognize the word “probs” as a noun which is used informally in both British and American English to express the plural form of the noun “problems.” When it comes to texting abbreviations, however, PROBS means “probably.”

This Internet slang text is usually used when we don’t have much time to type the word “probably”, or when we are being a bit sarcastic in expressing something obvious, giving it a certain aura of uncertainty. Make sure the conversation partner doesn’t interpret PROBS as “problems” though.

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PROBS – Probably

PROBS texting acronyms