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What does GRX mean?

Text abbreviations official dictionaries know that this acronym means something else than people say it means. This is the fun part of texting acronyms: you never know what you get until somebody explains what they stand for. If you can’t figure out “what does GRX mean”, look no further than this page, as we have the complete Guess the Text answers, tips, uses and meanings related to this interesting texting acronym.

Did you pay attention to our previous Guess the Text answers, explanations and cheats we offered about the previous text abbreviations we figured out so far? Did we tell you some texting acronyms are in a different language? Well, this clue should make things easier. If it doesn’t, let’s find out together what does GRX mean and what language it comes from!

It seems that this is one of those texting abbreviations which have their origin in a foreign language – Spanish to be exact. GRX stands for “gracias” meaning “thank you.” It is built on the same principles as “thx” – Internet shorthand for “thanks.” However, you will find out that the official GRX definition is “GPS Roaming Exchange” and it refers to a GPRS hub for roaming users.

Even if the abbreviation is in Spanish, many English speakers use it as well, just like the abbreviation for “que pasa.” It adds flavor to an informal text-based conversation, or it is used as a sign of respect towards a Spanish-speaking conversation partner.

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GRX – Gracias

GRX texting acronyms