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What does 4SHO mean?

Tex abbreviations suffered a lot of changes in time. They evolved like the language itself, based on people needs and on the contexts they have been employed in. If you don’t know the answer to “what does 4SHO mean”, we’ll give you a clue: once upon a time, you’ve seen the same abbreviation as “fosho.” If these text acronyms still give you headaches, it’s time to look over the Guess the Text answers, hints and explanations.

What we encourage you to do, now that you’re getting closer to finish the game, it’s to think about the texting acronyms and text abbreviations you encounter and figure them out by yourself. Then verify your theories against our Guess the Text answers. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Now let’s move up one level by learning what does 4SHO mean!

Some people mistakenly think this text abbreviation stands for “for show”, because of the remarkable phonetic resemblance, but this is just Internet slang for “for sure”. You already know that 4 stands for “for” and if you read the “sho” construction, you realize it is Internet shorthand for “sure.”

The 4SHO abbreviation is used when we want to emphasize certainty, in conversations that ask for our approval or agreement. Of course, you can use this in informal Twitter statuses (as it saves a lot of characters), in Facebook chat and emails, but never in formal communication.

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4SHO – For Sure

4SHO texting acronyms