Guess the Text Answers Level 85:

What does A/W mean?

This is not some programming language text acronym, but it is among those text abbreviations that populate text-based conversations on a daily basis. Don’t let the “slash” confuse you either. If you ask yourself “what does A/W mean”, or what does this symbol mean in texting, look no further, as the Guess the Text answers are here to help you level up and learn new things!

Some texting acronyms are more popular than others. This is one of them. As a further clue, this doesn’t replace an entire sentence, but a single word. It is used in Twitter messages as it saves characters and in other texting environments as well. We’re close to finishing the game, so let’s learn what does A/W mean and move on to the next Guess the Text answers for the upcoming level!

This is one of those texting abbreviations we stumble upon almost on a daily basis in text-based conversations. It stands for “anyway” and has been in use for a long time. Do not mistake it for the AW acronym, which can mean a lot of things, from AlienWare (the computers) to Addison Wesley (the publisher).

We use A/W in the same manner and constructions as we’d use the full word “anyway”: to either end a conversation, introduce a new topic, change the subject, resume a discussion from where it was left for a break, or approve and agree with something that has just been discussed.

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A/W – Anyway

A/W texting acronyms