Guess the Text Answers Level 84:

What does TLTR mean?

Do you even remember when the first emails became the new cool way of communication? How about blogs and content writing platforms? If you were present and engaged in the beginnings of text-based conversations, be them emails, blog posts and phone texting, then you must know the answer to“what does TLTR mean”. It didn’t change its definition in time, but if you are lost a bit, use our Guess the Text answers and hints to learn about one of the first texting acronyms that ever blessed our written messages.

Some text acronyms precede the Internet era, some of them were born with it. The young probably know all text abbreviations by heart, but this game is a good opportunity to refresh our memory. Check out the Guess the Text answers for level 84 and find “what does TLTR mean”!

The expression conveyed by this acronym is “too long to read”, not to mention it is too long to write too. The origin of the acronym can be traced back to some early corporate emails, when the receiver was politely warning the sender that the body text of the email was too long and they needed a shorter version.

We use TLTR to let others know that some of their texts are too stuffed and we don’t want to waste our time reading kilometers of words in a row. It’s used as a response to blog posts which look like walls of text or in several other text-based platforms.

Guess the Text Answers – 

TLTR – Too Long to Read

TLTR texting acronyms