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What does?4U mean?

Some texting acronyms and text abbreviations can be easily figure out if you break them into their main components. So before feeling stuck at what does ?4U mean, first try to come up with a solution of your own by giving meaning to each letter, number and symbol separately. If you’re still confused by this level, use our Guess the Text answers and explanations with full confidence, they’re here to help you learn new things!

We live rather fast-paced lives and we use some means of communication our parents had no idea about. The texting acronyms came as a solution and an alternative way of expressing the same things with little effort and time. Now it’s up to us to explain everybody “what does ?4U mean” and how the world came to use this text abbreviation.

This is a very common abbreviation of a rather large word construction: “question for you”. Since we don’t like to waste time with the typing, we found a rather ingenious way contracting three words into a simple string of symbols, letters and numbers. The question mark introduces the question itself, while 4U means “for you” since the days of chat rooms.

We use the ?4U abbreviation when we announce somebody that we want to ask them about something. It’s a polite way of introducing a question and it is used mostly when the question is rather sensitive or when we think it elicits a rather sensitive answer.

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?4U – Question for You

?4U texting acronyms