Guess the Text Answers Level 82:

What does OBVZ mean?

A few levels ago we warned you that mistaking a letter for another in text abbreviations and texting acronyms may change a conversation’s meaning altogether. If you don’t know what does OBVZ mean and how to employ it correctly, use the following Guess the Text answers, as we provide you with complete text acronyms definitions, alternative meanings and tips on how to not mistake one Internet slang for another similar one.

We believe a lot in teaching; this is why we have full resource pages when it comes to the game’s text acronyms. It’s not useful to only provide a correct solution. We think it’s important that unseasoned Internet users understand the origin and meanings of the text abbreviations they encounter in text-based conversations. Now let’s learn what does OBVZ mean and clear things up!

Don’t mistake the common abbreviation “obs” which stands for “observation” with the new-found way of expressing the word “obviously” through the use of OBVZ. It can also stand for “obvious”, but fundamentally it means the same thing.

We use the text OBVZ just as we use the word “obviously” – to emphasize something that is clear, evident and easy to notice.

Guess the Text Answers –

OBVZ – Obviously

OBVZ texting acronyms