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What does FAB mean?

Did you ever watch the famous TV series “Sex and the City?” When it comes to text abbreviations, that show really taught us a few things about the meanings and uses of FAB. If you wonder what does FAB mean nowadays in texting and online chatting, use the following Guess the Text answers, explanations and definitions to get a good understanding of this texting acronym.

Historically speaking, some text acronyms and text abbreviations precede the Internet with a few good years, just like this one, and some of them, exactly like this one, have been used by certain categories of people. Now let’s clarify what does FAB mean on and offline, in real life and in texting and move on to the next level to have fun with more Guess the Text answers and explanations!

FAB means “fabulous”, the Internet shorthand to express everything that is awesome, wonderful or magnificent. This abbreviation gained terrain in the last years, as more and more women started to use it.

Dictionaries recognize the form “fab” as an informal use of the adjective “fabulous.” It is mostly used by teenage girls and women who are “in” the crowd, all sorts of superstars, superstars-wannabes and all sorts of socialites.

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FAB – Fabulous

FAB texting acronyms