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What does JELLY mean?

At a first view, we all know the answer to “what does JELLY mean”. But do we really? In the world of text abbreviations and texting acronyms, a word we may have been used to since forever may mean a completely different thing! Don’t let yourself be tricked by the game developers and find the correct meaning of texting acronyms with the help of our Guess the Text answers, cheats and explanations!

This Internet slang text is tricky in at least two ways: it may lead you to the proper, universally-known meaning we are used to, or it may stand for a rather interesting metaphor related to courage. However, none of these possible meanings is correct, so let’s find out what does JELLY mean in text-based conversations nowadays and use these Guess the Text answers to level up!

From “peanut butter with jelly sandwich” the world made a long way in order to reach the “jealous” meaning of the abbreviation “jelly.” Besides describing a sweet dessert, today jelly also stands for the word “jealous” in text-based conversations.

You will see the combination “U jelly” quite frequently used on the Internet, as it’s used to ask somebody if they feel jealous related to a person or a situation.

Guess the Text Answers –

 JELLY – Jealous

JELLY texting acronyms