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What does HMU mean?

Many text abbreviations come from real live chatting expressions people have been using for a very long time. So if you wonder “what does HMU mean”, think about some past conversations you may have had with your buddies. If you’re still stuck or confused, worry not: we have the Guess the Text answers right here to jog your memory and teach you new things about texting acronyms.

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Some people say this was the most used acronym in Facebook statuses in 2010. It means “hit me up” but it’s not an invitation to violence, but a way of saying “I’m bored, would someone invite me to do something together?”

We use the HMU acronym in two ways now. The first is employed when we self-invite to other peoples’ activities, because we’re bored. The second use of the HMU text is during online conversations or phone messaging as an invitation addressed to someone to contact us. This is one of the few slang expressions also used in real life – not as HMU, but as “hit me up” – meaning basically “contact me!”

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HMU – Hit Me Up

HMU texting acronyms